Our Tax Guide is moving

Our Tax Guide is moving

We have recently had a large spike in visitors to our highly popular Tax Guide for Slimming World Consultants – so much so, we’ve experienced our main online store has been slowing down, and at some points, being totally unresponsive due to the high volume of visitors!

For example, on 11 January, we had 81 people using different parts of the Tax Guide at the same time, which effected performance of our website (we even had 3 people contact us to complain!)

As such, we’re going to be moving the Tax Guide over to our sister website, Malgra Books, which also offers a Business Management service. This move will be completed by the end of January, however the replacement website is already live here.

This will help keep our website separate, with the Malgra Online Store remaining here, and the Tax Guide living with our Business Services website.


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